In the Shadow of the Mountain
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I'm sorry to say that the 2nd printing of my book is sold out and there are no immediate plans for another printing. Please let me know if you remain interested. I will add you to my list to be the first informed when there's another printing.

Thank you! I appreciate all your support for my book and the history of the area.


Are you curious about the earliest days of Graham, Kapowsin, Thrift, Benston, Electron, Kirby, Ohop, Leber, Clay City, Muck, Tanwax and many other south Pierce County, Washington place names? They have been brought to life in one of the latest Northwest history publications titled, In the Shadow of the Mountain:  Early Days of Graham, Kapowsin, Benston, Electron and Vicinity. This first-of-its-kind book is now available for you to add to your Andy with bookcollection.

Almost 300 images and 300 pages of well-documented text illuminate the faces and stories of the first settlers that ventured south across the prairies from Tacoma toward Mt. Rainier beginning in the late 1800s. By 1901 the Tacoma Eastern Railroad opened the country and logging began with a vengeance.  Soon towns like Kapowsin and Graham emerged, along with their mills, stores, saloons, and interesting residents. The people added the texture and color that shaped the events and places of 100 years ago.

In the Shadow of the Mountain: Early Days of Graham, Kapowsin, Benston, Electron and Vicinity is hardbound and of the highest quality and durability. It will be a welcomed addition to the libraries of casual readers, genealogists, and historians alike. 

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Lawrence D. "Andy" Anderson