In the Shadow of the Mountain
In the Shadow of the Mountain: A History of Early Graham, Kapowsin, Benston, Electron and Vicinity


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Follow those early settlers who claimed their piece of the unspoiled wilderness beyond the prairies south of Tacoma in the new Washington Territory.  Their quest took them down meandering trails that quickly dissolved into dense brush and timber reaching to Mt. Rainier. Lakes and streams with odd-sounding names such as Muck, Tanwax, Ohop, and Kapowsin were their only guideposts in the tangled landscape. Mt. Rainier served as a backdrop and constant companion for those who came this way.Benston hopfield 1899

The characters in this story run the gamut from Hudson's Bay Company sheepherders to loggers, mill owners, professional boxers, flume men, stump farmers, mountain explorers, moonshiners, entrepreneurs, railroad workers, engineers, and everyday men and women.  Meet them for the first time and hear their tales. Read about Glennis, one of the earliest utopian colonies in Washington, the engineering and construction marvels of early Electron, the perils of the bootleggers and the story of Kapowsin and its fate. 

This carefully researched volume captures both the uncommon and everyday experiences of those people through first-hand accounts and other archival documents.  Learn about life in this wilderness from those who opened the country and witnessed the monumental changes brought by the Tacoma Eastern Railroad.  Contained in this book is a comprehensive accounting of the early settlers, mills, communities, and events. Such towns and settlements as Nelson, Kirby, Harding, Graham, Thrift, Morgan's Lake, Kapowsin, Lakehead, Holz, Clay City, Benston, and others come to life in these pages.Tacoma Eastern Railroad Locy #4

Not only will the casual reader find this an engaging volume, researchers and other students of early settlers and history will find this an invaluable tool to aid their inquiries.  Sources have been carefully documented and the text indexed for easy reference.  Photographs have been collected over a 30-year period and include over 250 of the best images available to the author. Many of these are rare and never-before published, revealing an unparalleled glimpse of the early days In the Shadow of the Mountain.